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Our impact in motion
Lori has ignited a revolution in African logistics
From streamlining supply chains to pioneering sustainable practices, our commitment to innovation has created immense impact. Dive deeper to discover the transformative changes we are sparking across African logistics.
transporter empowerement
We offer our transporters employment opportunities and access to financial services
Lori operates a network of 20,000 trucks owned by SMEs, each with 5 to 10 trucks. Many began with just one truck seven years ago and have since expanded their operations through access to our financial services. We aim to continue supporting their growth and scalability
Through our port operations and by lowering cost of moving goods, we enable more cargo to move efficiently from farms and ports to families and factories
Financial Services
Fuel Insurance
Eliminating cash-flow worries, and ensuring transporters have the fuel they need without upfront costs
Asset Financing
Enabling fleet expansion by offering flexible terms and access to essential transportation assets offered in conjunction with financing partners
Working Capital
Transforming cash-flow dynamics, offering transporters upfront payments when they need it most, breaking free from extended payment terms
Climate Action
Did you know?
of greenhouse gas emissions are from the transport industry
Lori is locked in on sustainable logistics
Empty Mile Reduction
One of our main focuses at Lori is backhaul optimization, ensuring transporters have paid jobs in both directions. As a result:
We have saved
9,000 tons
in C02 emissions
We are just getting started...
Get in touch with us for more on our climate initiatives.
Distance travelled (all time)
30,274,815 KMs
Distance Per Truck
Backhaul Rate
C02 savings per truck
Electric Vehicles
We partnered with McKinsey on an EV study in 2023 for our upcoming EV pilot launch. This study not only shows the feasibility of zero-emission logistics but also potentially
OpEx savings of up to 45% on heavy-duty electric trucks compared to diesel
Logistics contribution to price of goods
EV Trucks savings
New Price of Goods contribution
We are just getting started...
Get in touch with us for more on our climate initiatives.
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