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Lori is an
e-logistics company

that seamlessly coordinates haulage across Africa.
Our values
Customer Obsession

We are invested in our customer’s success and committed to deliver on our promises. Building strong relationships as partners, we respond to their needs and ensure consistent and clear communication


We see obstacles as opportunities. With a commitment to achieve the impossible, we have the resolve to break through barriers and see everything through to the finish line.


We act with an entrepreneurial and growth mindset and take the initiative with an "I'll handle this" attitude.


We believe efficiency is the key to improved logistics and embrace technology as the driver of our efficiency and scale.


We hold ourselves accountable to act with the highest moral standards. We choose honesty over personal gain and aim to be thought leaders in this area.


We do more with less. With our mission to lower the cost of goods in mind, we maximize value with minimal resources without sacrificing quality.

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