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Lori systems is proud to be part of the Founder 360 list of top Startups in Kenya of 2018.

Our team is dedicated to the Lori mission of  ‘lowering the cost of goods in Africa.’

Lori enables the logistics space to operate at an order of magnitude more efficiently than it does today.

Higher efficiency through Lori has been demonstrated to drive costs down which is expected to create new jobs & stimulate overall economic development in a tangible way.

The whole idea of seamlessly connecting cargo owners to transportation by using technology is a niche that was identified by our CEO, and the process of solving that problem begun.

This has put us on the map, in Kenya and the rest of East Africa, because it is a problem that indeed needed solving.

Through this great achievement, staff here at Lori has grown immensely by about 50+ with 94% of our staff being of East African Decent.

ADVICE: You will not be successful by listening to critics. Success begins when you take the initiative, and decide to go for what you desire, despite what everyone else thinks.

Joshua Sandler