Ron heads the Marketing & PR team at Lori Systems

Beyond work

Ron likes travelling, inspiring people, grilling and basketball

What is unique about what you do at Lori?

I get to meet different people, external partners and internal staff and sell the Lori value of lowering the cost of goods in Africa. We are a unique brand that gets people inspired every time we tell our story. We are the happiness parade in charge of Brand Love

How does the culture at Lori compare to your previous work experience?

The staff are young and super friendly. We have an open door policy at Lori and get to bond over movies, Pizza and drinks. Everyday we get to learn, unlearn and relearn. Never a dull moment at Lori

What advice would you give to someone looking to join Lori and be part of the Marketing team?

We love trucks! We love quirky fun! We work and play hard! Come and join us make this the world’s biggest and most influential brand.

What exciting thing is your team currently working on? And what should people expect from you in future?

Currently we are working on the customer journey for cargo and transport. The outcome from this is an in depth customer report every month with a touch of appreciation on the cargo side. For transport we have an exciting driver engagement program that rewards drivers while getting inclusion on the Lori platform through training on health and safety


If you want to be part of Ronald's team, or just Lori in general, tap on the career link below, and apply.

Joshua Sandler