The Position

Lori is seeking a hands-on Data Engineer to join our Tech team. You will be tasked with transforming data into a format that can be easily analyzed, by developing, maintaining, and testing pipelines and infrastructures for data generation and movement. You will work closely with our data scientist and will be largely in charge of architecting solutions that will enable them to better do their jobs.


  • Automate moving data between internal systems and apps

  • Automate moving of data from the AWS ecosystem to the BI (Periscope)

  • Creating and Monitoring Cron jobs

  • Build and maintain Data pipelines

  • Build and maintain scrappers and pipe the data to data lakes and the BI

  • Integrate up-and-coming data management and software engineering technologies into existing data structures

  • Develop set processes for data mining, data modeling, and data production

  • Employ an array of technological languages and tools to connect systems together

  • Collaborate with members of the Tech team (e.g. Back End, Tech Ops, Front End, data scientists) on the project’s goals

  • Building and maintaining APIs

  • Automating movement of transactional data (using web hooks) between systems

  • Discover opportunities for data acquisition

  • Operationalize Machine Learning Models

  • Build and Maintain Machine Learning Pipelines.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software/Computer or any Engineering discipline, Applied Mathematics, or Physics Statistics or Experience in a related field with real-world skills and testimonials from former employers

  • Possible work experience or personal projects that will form proof of technical expertise and skill mastery

  • Intellectual curiosity to find new and unusual ways of solving data management issues

  • Mindset of a team player

Preferred Experience

  • Working knowledge of bSQL, NoSQL, AWS, Python, Relevant Python libraries and frameworks for data engineering.

Qualified applicants are invited to email their CV to Lori Careers team at